Oncourt Made T-shirt Bundle

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Oncourt Made T-Shirt - Army (Size) S
Oncourt Made T-Shirt - Espresso (Size) XS
Oncourt Made T-Shirt - Grey (Size) XS

Get three different colors of The Oncourt padel t-shirt with short sleeves and side slits is made for professional padel usage. This regular fit is complementary to the demand of an intense padel match. The style is made with a lot of lycra to improve optimal comfort and movement when playing. Our recycled fabric is made in Portugal with Portuguese Q-NOVA® nylon and Japanese ROICA™ elastane. 

Our sustainability efforts

At Cuera®, sustainability is at the forefront of our values. We are aware of our environmental and social impact and believe that all decisions should be made with empathy and consideration for every being and entity that may be affected.

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