Danish Padel Open 2023

Danish Padel Open 2023

The Danish Padel Open is part of the World Padel Tour, which is held all over the world. The tour had reached Denmark, where the tournament was held in Hillerød.

In Denmark, one qualifies through the Wildcard Chase, which are tournaments held in Denmark. Here, Danish players competed to join the Danish Padel Open in Hillerød. Marc Møller, along with Emil Domela Hansen, qualified.

In their first match, they faced Juan Lebrón Chincoa and Alejandro Galán, who are ranked number 2 in the world at the time of writing.

Marc Møller met Juan Lebrón Chincoa and Alejandro Galán on May 17th at 8:30 PM. The match started well, but Juan Lebrón Chincoa and Alejandro Galán ended up winning.

However, Marc Møller himself believes it was an amazing experience and something he will never forget. Through his time as a padel player, he has drawn inspiration from Galán, so meeting him in a tournament was significant for Marc Møller.

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