The clubhouse

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Step into a world of refined padel culture and connect with our community about gear, uniforms, tournaments, techniques, training, diet, coffee, and much more.

Cuera® is delighted to announce the launch of its new Clubhouse retail space in the heart of Aarhus. Within a little over a year since its inception, Cuera has outgrown its original space and significantly expanded its footprint to capitalize on the remarkable growth, fueled by the increasing adoption of Padel across Denmark – the world's fastest-growing sport. Padel enthusiasts currently lack a dedicated brand that not only enhances on-court performance but also reflects a stylish off-court appearance.

The Clubhouse, a groundbreaking concept for the world of Padel, is set to become the central gathering point for Padel players. It will kick off with a series of events aimed at educating and demonstrating Padel techniques, showcasing equipment, and leveraging Padel's distinctive sociable etiquette. These exclusive events will be accessible to members of the Cuera World Padel Community through our online store and by visiting the new Clubhouse.

Cuera® Padel Clubhouse

Skt. Clemens Stræde 18
8000 Aarhus C

Mon - Fri: 10-18
Sat: 10-17, Sun: Closed