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Cuera® is a community-driven lifestyle brand utilizing the social value of padel in curating events, tournaments, and happenings with the goal to create a more inspirational padel culture.

Inspired by the farther of padel, Enrique Corcuera and the birthplace of padel, Acapulco, Mexico, we want to exploit our role in the padel industry in becoming a culture bearer through the definition of, not only a dresscode, but by presenting an entire lifestyle connected to the sport of padel.

Padel is an inherently social/team sport. Since its early flamboyant days on the beach in Acapulco, to the vibrant inner cities of the world's most thriving cities. At Cuera we believe this is the secret ingredient that’s made the sport grow so quickly. People who play Padel can’t understand why others don’t, and those that play represent the sport like the most fanatical fan. The Cuera World Padel Community is at the heart of our brand, it’s a place for members to meet others, improve your game, engage/experience our beautiful Clubhouse, get access to exclusive products and much much more.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse, a groundbreaking concept for the world of Padel, is set to become the central gathering point for Padel players. It will kick off with a series of events aimed at educating and demonstrating Padel techniques, showcasing equipment, and leveraging Padel's distinctive sociable etiquette. These exclusive events will be accessible to members of the Cuera World Padel Community through our online store and by visiting the new Clubhouse.

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Upcoming events

Join us at our next event and stay updated on future padel happenings from us here.

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